Sleeving includes numerous time-consuming steps from printing to insertion. With the Optima, you will benefit from a significant productivity gain in your wire processing.

Automatic wire cutting and sleeving


Automation is key to increase productivity and quality for high volume and serial production. Having a scalable solution which also satisfies high-mix low volume productions is ideal to respond to the needs of the market. 

The design of the Optima Line revolves around this concept. The modular and flexible platform offers automated features while addressing a large variety of productions, for different materials, work volumes or industry applications. 

Frequently done manually, sleeving includes numerous time-consuming steps from printing to insertion. With the Optima, you will benefit from a significant productivity gain in your wire processing. 

With its ergonomic and intuitive design coupled with high production speed, the Optima delivers a highly advanced and versatile solution for your needs. 




  • Increased productivity and quality

With fully controlled processes, the Optima guarantees high quality result. Demanding manual operations such as labelling or sleeving are now 100% repetitive and fully operator independent, not only in the execution but in the control as well. Vision control is integrated here with artificial intelligence features verifying the marking and detecting presence.

  • Safety

Repetitive manual tasks can lead to musculoskeletal disorders over time. By automating sleeving and labelling, operators will be able to focus on more added value tasks while preserving their health. Heat guns are also involved in the manual process when shrinking is required and can reach very high temperature. This risk is now prevented

  • Flexibility

Multiple tasks are needed throughout the value chain, which may vary depending on customer applications or industries. Flexibility is therefore key to justify an automated industrial solution suited for a variety of needs. The Optima line has been segmented in essential functions that can be added with time onto your machine. Upgradability is at the core of the design. Your machine will follow your technical needs as well as your investment capacity. 

  • Efficiency

Mindful of economical and environmental concerns, the Optima includes features to minimize wire waste while reducing its power consumption. It features a compact design and energy saving standby mode to start production only when needed. 


Optima sully scalable modular lune


Modular system


  • Coiling pan

Post-cutting automation might not be part of your current scope of interest, therefore the Optima comes as standard with a 220 mm (8.66 in) motor-driven coiling pan. The rotating speed of the coiling pan is adjusted to the cable speed to ensure perfect wire looms. 300 mm (11.81 in) and 400 mm (15.75 in) pans are available as an option. Thanks to the modularity of the Optima range, upgrades are always possible to meet evolving capability requirements.

  • WCT : coiling and tying system & storage

The first step of the post-cutting automation, the WCT system allows users to automatically coil and tie (using plastic twisted ties) the wire. After tying, the coiled cable is automatically handled and placed in a box at the machine output. This box is mounted on a cart, easily transferred away to the next processing station.

  • WSI : Automatic sleeve insertion

The WSI module brings automation to the very manual and time-consuming sleeving process. With up to 3 printers, the module prints the sleeve, verifies the marking by vision control, positions the sleeve onto the wire (on the extremities or along the wire) and can be completed with an innovative IR heat shrinking unit. Automation in processes like these increases quality, productivity and health and safety.

  • WEL : wire extremity labelling

Labelling is the best way to add information on the wire and efficiently guide the operator in the following manufacturing steps. Fully programmable, the WEL module can label each wire extremity. Labels can contain information from the production file in different forms, including barcode, DataMatrix and QR code.

  • STO : storage

Once produced, the coiled wire is stored in a production box at the output of the machine. With the WCT, a single box set on a cart is provided as standard. Conveyor options are available to meet the workshop production flow. Traceability is available through box management with QR-code.




The Optima machine complies with CE Standards and has “CE” label. The Optima machine also complies with European directives: 

  • Machinery directive 2006/42/CE 
  • Low voltage directive 2006/95/CE And with the standards: Machine: NF EN 60204-1 – Machine Electrical Security