Wire marking


Ideal for laser marking electrical cables and fiber optics on the production line, the ULTIMA marker allows you to carry out an “on the fly” marking of alphanumeric characters or bar codes of different sizes.


ULTIMA is the best alternative solution to traditional inkjet marking as it offers permanent marking, consistent quality and no consumables. UV laser marking provides a highly legible mark with easy customizable font characteristics on many insulation types: PTFE (Teflon®), FEP (Teflon®), ETFE (Tefzel®), XL-ETFE (Tefzel®).

marquage laser en ligne

ULTIMA Bench Top / Pre-Station

2 models : a module designed to be installed on a table or workbench (Bench Top) and a module designed to be positioned in front of a cutting, stripping and/or crimp to crimp machine (Pre-Station)



The ULTIMA UV laser marking system is a compact unit which can be moved and integrated into different production/reconditioning lines.