Multi-spool store

The multi-coil module is constituted from 1 to 4 stores , as required by the customer . Two sides of each store are designed to handle 6 rolls in total.

The multi-coil system shown in the photo below has an automatic module loading with four stores each with six motorized dispensers , 24 rolls in total. The composition of the system can be completely customized . Several modules can be put together to handle up to 24 different cables. After installing a multi-store coils , it is possible to easily add new stores (up to 4 ) to increase the capacity of the multi-coil system ( either 12, 18 or 24 coils) .


The belt tensioning system, fully designed by Laselec, insures tension on the cable in accordance with aviation standards (AIPS , BAC 5152 , etc.).


A selector with automatic feeding can be coupled to the multi- coil connected to the store and ULYS Modena. The selection of the cable ( via rotation of the selector ) and the loading of the cable are automated. The charging system uses a keyless chuck mounted on a robot axis . The passage of a cable to another is extremely fast. This system reduces operational costs and generates a time savings.


It can operate independently, without operator, when the data is entered into the computer. 


Through our efforts in innovation and quality, we are able to provide the most reliable , efficient and sustainable market system rewind .



Machine de marquage de câbles par laser UV : Ulys Modena multi-bobines