ULYS SL Modena laser wire marker

Ideal for medium to very high production volumes, the ULYS SL Modena laser wire marker line consists of upgradeable machines which guarantee a level of productivity and quality unparalleled on the market.

Ideal for medium and high production volumes, the ULYS Modena laser cable marking range combines scalability, modularity and performance at a very competitive price.


UV laser marking has long been the standard in terms of cable identification in the aeronautical industry.



  • Upgradable line of machines
  • Unmatched productivity
  • Low operating costs
  • Stand-alone machine with low maintenance requirements

Ulys Modena SL/FL range

The ULYS-Modena range includes 5 models adapted to your production needs:


  • ULYS 110-SL Modena: this model offers access to the advantages of the ULYS SL Modena range at a very competitive price.
  • ULYS 220- SL Modena: the use of ULYS 220-SL Modena is particularly suitable for medium production volumes.
  • ULYS 330 SL-Modena: this model is the best seller of the ULYS SL Modena range. It is designed to handle large volumes of continuous production.
  • ULYS 990-SL Modena: this model offers the best performance/price ratio. It is designed for very high production rates.
  • ULYS 990-FL Modena: this model is equipped with a diode pumped UV laser that does not require regular maintenance. This technology increases the overall productivity of the machine.


The ULYS Modena SL/FL is certified and used by manufacturers, subcontractors and maintenance centers in the Aeronautics, Space and Ground Vehicles sectors.

Complies with the following standards:

– CE

– FDA “Radiation Control for Health and

Safety Act”

– Underwriters Laboratories (UL)



– BOEING : BAC 5152

– SAE ARP 5607

– SAE AIR 5468

– SAE AS 50881 (MIL 5088 L)

– SAE AS 5649

– ASD EN 4650

– ASD EN 3475-100

– ASD EN 3475-706

– ASD EN 3838

Machine :

– EN 60204-1

Laser :

– EN 60825-1

– EN 60825-4

– EN ISO 11553-1