The interactive harness assembly board – EasyWiring

Choose flexibility with an interactive harness assembly board!



The interactive harness assembly board is bringing wire harness manufacturing to the digital age. The system replaces paper diagrams with a dynamic display of information to guide the production process of an electrical harness. At each step, the operator validates the progress of the job by scanning bar-codes on the screen.


Komax is offering a complete setup made up of the display device, the CAM software, and moveable supports in various forms adapted to all types of harnesses.


Available in 75’’ and 86’’, the system can include one or several display modules. The modules can be displaced and coupled together to create tables of various lengths.


Accessories mounted on suction cups, fixed onto the protective surface covering the screen, hold the harness in place during production.


Advantages of the system compared to traditional wiring tables:


  • Computer aided manufacturing
  • Dynamic software display
  • New products can be put into production rapidly
  • Instant implementation of harness modification
  • Reduction of the training time of new cabling personnel
  • Rapid reconfiguration of the table due to moveable supports
  • Real-time tracking of production


Additional features: EasyTouch

This new EasyWiring additional features make wire routing and harness quality control easier.


Touch mode


EasyTouch is able to detect when an operator touches the extremity of the wire. Wire identification along with routing and pinning information are then displayed directly on the EasyWiring harness assembly board.


Operator doesn’t need to use barcode readers or to type wire identification number on the keyboard.

EasyTouch makes harness manufacturing on your EasyWiring system even easier, faster and safer.

Electrical harnesses manufacturing


Continuity test mode


By connecting a connector to the EasyTouch Test Unit, the continuity test can be performed on a single connector during the harness assembly process. This allows the operator to correct any errors.

By connecting all connectors to the EasyTouch Test Unit, a final test is operated on the complete harness and a traceable test report is generated, ensuring a strict quality control.

Electrical harnesses quality control


Client testimony

Bretagne Atelier – France :

“Bretagne Ateliers has just acquired the new digital technology for building electrical wire harness that the company had been searching for: EASYWIRING Digital Harness Board System. Its dynamic display and mobile wire supports will allow their team to build as many electric harnesses as they need with a single production device. Furthermore, the interactive assistance provided with EasyWiring software for the manufacturing process, gives more opportunity to train people with disabilities in this type of production environment. (…) This acquisition allows Bretagne Ateliers to build more complex harness and train their employees more easily on electrical wire harnesses design.”