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Numerous companies have put their trust in us to provide reliable and high-quality equipment and services.


We have their trust

  • Constructors:

Aero Vodochody, Agusta Westland, Airbus Group, BAE Systems, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Embraer, Fokker Elmo, Gulfstream Aerospace, H.A.L., Hawker Beechcraft Corp., Honda Aircraft Company, Kaman Aerospace, MD Helicopters, MHI, Piper Aircraft, Sikorsky Global Helicopters, T.A.I, etc.

  • Maintenance and modification centers, cable and harness manufacturers, distributors:

A.E. Petsche, Avmax Aviation, AYESAS, Cargolux, Carlisle IT, Cutter Aviation, Decrane, Aerospace, Delta Airlines, Draka Fileca, Duncan Aviation, EAD Aerospace, Elliott Aviation, Goodrich, Gore Design Completions, HAECO, JCB Aero, Jet Aviation, Lufthansa Technik, Metro Aviation, Nexans, Ogma, rmw Kabelsysteme, RUAG, Sabena Technics, SAF Helico, Sasco, ST Aerospace, Standard Aero, Stevens Aviation, TAM, Turkish Technic, Vector Aerospace, West Star Aviation, WireMasters, etc.

  • Subcontracts in the aeronautical, railway, maritime, military, and nuclear sectors:

AAR Corp, AERYS, AIRGRUP, Alliant Techsystems (ATK), Army Depot, ATE, Cherokee Nation Industries, DRS Technologies, Ducommun LaBarge Technologies, EADS, ELIMCO, El Cuartel General Del Aire, FHI, General Dynamics, Honeywell, I.M.P. Aerospace, Labinal, LATelec, L-3 Communications, MATIS Aerospace, Miltech, NASA, PTK, ROSSELL TECHSYS, RUAG, SACT, Tyonek Fabrication Corp, etc.

  •  Research laboratory

LULI Laboratory (Polytechnic School, University of Paris-Saclay)




Machine in a typical environment




Aquitaine Électronique

 Their testimony: 


Sylade 7S

We are user of the SYLADE 7S stripper. This equipment has increased our productivity by 17% on shielded twisted cables, which were a challenge to strip with mechanical systems.



We purchased an MRO 200-A laser wire marker in 2014. Since then we have stopped using heat-shrink sleeves, automated cutting and cable identification operations. We have experienced a significant reduction in our operating costs and production hours. Marking is made directly on the insulation and it’s a clear, legible and permanent mark.

Our operators have easily adapted to the machine. The return on our investment has been realized with the gain in productivity (+18%) and the removal of the heat-shrink sleeving process.”


 Témoignage Sylage 7S



airbus helicopter



Airbus Helicopters : helicopter manufacturer – Marignane , France
Electrical department , Ulys with label printers


Ulys avec imprimantes d'étiquettes_Eurocopter



Airbus Defence & Space, Sevilla, Spain

ULYS 110 Modena

Their testimony: « Intuitive use and maximum performance in a minimum of time »


Airbus Defence and Space Sevilla_Ulys Modena LASELEC 



Logo BCA

BCA Bron


Their testimony: “Thanks to the MRO200, we removed manual cutting and sleeves. We are cutting cables directly by laser. We have increased our productivity by 25%.


Equipe avionique BCA





Bretagne Ateliers – France


Bretagne Ateliers has acquired the new digital technology for building electrical wire harness that the company had been searching for: EasyWiring Digital Harness Board System. Its dynamic display and mobile wire supports will allow their team to build as many electric harnesses as they need with a single production device. Furthermore, the interactive assistance provided with EasyWiring software for the manufacturing process, gives more opportunity to train people with disabilities in this type of production environment.  (…) This acquisition allows Bretagne Ateliers to build more complex harness and train their employees more easily on electrical wire harnesses design.”





Dow Aero – USA


Dow Aero, located in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, has purchased their EasyWiring system in 2017. Their set-up consists of three 60 inch screens with a customized sliding tray.







Freudenberg – France

MLC 500

We have acquired the perfect piece of equipment that satisfies our requirements and generates significant production gains!  Positioned next to our presses is our new MLC 500 that allows us to optimize our production by simplifying our mold cleaning process.”





Afficher l'image d'origine

GE Aviation – United-Kingdom


Komax Laselec has efficiently adapted the RapidShare automatic marking and cutting production line to our specific requirements. We are very pleased with the high reliability and productivity of this production line which works 24/7. The whole system is so reliable that it is working without operator control during night shifts apart from when the machine requires new reels of wire or labels” – 2016


 automatic marking and cutting production line rapidshare



   Machine de marquage de câbles chez LATelec

LATelec : Design and Industrialization Interconnection systems for aeronautics and space , France – Germany – Mexico- Tunisia.
ULYS 330 Modena


Machine de marquage de câbles Ulys 330 LATelec


Ulys Modena LATelec Mexique


Ulys Modena LATelec Mexique





The LULI laboratory – Université de Paris-Saclay

 Driver Lydya

 Their testimony: “The LULI2000 used for over 10 years LYDYA drivers to control its nanosecond and picosecond systems. Thoses drivers are reliable, compact, efficient and competitive.


Témoignage LULI2000 - LYDYA 215x215 





AIRGRUP : harness manufacturer of civil and military aerospace and naval certified by EADS CASA – Seville , Spain.

MRO 200                                          

We currently have 4 UV Laser markers MRO 200. The first MRO 200 was installed in Seville (SPAIN) by Komax Laselec on 23rd June 2003 and the second one on 7th July 2007. The MRO 200 machines have been working very well since then and we are very satisfied with their high reliability as well as with the quality of the service support.”


machine de marquage de câbles MRO 200 NAVAIR



Rossel India Ltd


ROSSEL TECHSYS : design and manufacture of harness civilian and military aviation and space – Bangalore, India.
MRO 200







rmw Kabelsysteme Gmbh – Germany

Since 2004, we have with Komax Laselec a reliable and loyal partner at our side that enables us to meet the requirements of our customers and to achieve our own goals.

For our aviation production activities, we rely on the laser-marking and cable cutting machines MRO200 and ULYS Modena designed and manufactured by Komax Laselec.”


laser wire marker at rmw site germany 




Safran Electrical & Power

Villemur, France

This automation is fully in line with Safran Electrical & Power’s Factory of the Future approach. It reduces operator interaction on difficult or low-value-added tasks.  This in turn allows for more allocation of time to the high-valued tasks. Reliability and standardization are also improved by increasing consistency standards which translates into trust from our customers. And last but not least, it is allowing us to remain competitive.”
Alain Ferrero, EWIS Eurasia Director of Operations

With the previous machine we changed spools for each new type/gauge. The new machine is pre-loaded. Just select the production files you want to run and the system will feed the proper cables, which limits spool handling. In addition, cables are sorted by electrical reference. Physically, you feel better and you save time!
Mark and Cut Operator

This automation has allowed a threefold increase in productivity compared to conventional methods. Almost all ergonomic risks have been eliminated! It is also an opportunity to increase the skills of production and maintenance teams in the use and maintenance of this type of technology.”
Jérémie Chauvot, head of large production tools – Villemur”




Safran Electrical & Power

Charmeil, France

“We have just installed a cable marking machine in Vichy. We have chosen to trust Komax Laselec for the reliability and low operating and maintenance costs of their machines already in production in our group’s other production plants. The ULYS 990-SL Modena machine is the best match for our production needs.”




Safran Electrical & Power

Rabat-Ain Atiq, Maroc

ULYS 330 Modena – ULYS 990-SL Modena


Machine de marquage de câbles ULYS 330 Modena – ULYS 990-SL Modena LABINAL Maroc


ULYS 330 Modena – ULYS 990-SL Modena LABINAL Maroc






Star Aviation sizing

Star Aviation – USA


Our New State-of-the-Art Computer Aided “Nail Boards” are a modular and flexible system, which increase productivity, provide an interactive interface and allow for an extensive traceability.”




Turkish Technic – Turkey

MRO200 + rereeler + EasyContrast + Sylade 7 Bench Top

Their testimony: “Turkish Technic is using a laser marking machine MRO 200-B together with a re-reeler, a laser stripper SYLADE 7 and a measurement contrast machine EasyContrast since 2014. We are very happy with the reliability and performance of these machines, they helped us increasing our productivity. The Komax Laselec team (customer service as well as sales) is always available to answer our question and are very efficient.”