EasyTouch, a new EasyWiring additional features


This new EasyWiring additional features makes wire routing and harness quality control easier.


Touch mode


EasyTouch is able to detect when an operator touches the extremity of the wire. Wire identification along with routing and pinning information are then displayed directly on the EasyWiring harness assembly board.


Operator doesn’t need to use barcode readers or to type wire identification number on the keyboard.

EasyTouch makes harness manufacturing on your EasyWiring system even easier, faster and safer.


Electrical harnesses manufacturing


Continuity test mode


By connecting a connector to the EasyTouch Test Unit, the continuity test can be performed on a single connector during the harness assembly process. This allows the operator to correct any errors.

By connecting all connectors to the EasyTouch Test Unit, a final test is operated on the complete harness and a traceable test report is generated, ensuring a strict quality control.


Electrical harnesses quality control



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