6 modules EasyWiring installed in China


With the first system sold in 2014 in China, many Chinese companies had shown an interest for Easywiring Interactive harness assembly board since then.


In February 2017, we installed for the first time in the whole world a complete system with the maximum length of 6 modules! HAINA LINYI ELECTRICAL CO LTD opted for 6 modules (75’’ diagonal) with 2 main units so they can easily change the module length from 6 boards (10 m long) to 2 times 3 boards or any other configurations required by their production. With a single production device, they will be able to assemble as many different kind of electric harnesses. This system will save them space, time to prepare the board and reduce the risk of errors thanks to the step-by-step assembly instructions and traceability functions included in the interactive software.


EasyWiring - table de câblage interactiveEasyWiring harness assembly board 


With this new technology and process to build their harnesses, HAINA LINYI ELECTRICAL CO LTD will be able to improve their productivity to better answering their customers’ needs for Military cables and commercial cables.


If you are interested in this solution, please feel free to contact LASELEC.