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Article de Presse dans le Magazine Avionics News, Mai 2015


Laselec finds global market brings its wire processing technology to more customers 


You may not give much thought to the sophisticated technology that goes into wire marking, wire stripping or harness assembly. The engineers at LASELEC, based in Toulouse, FRANCE, LASELEC provides wire processing equipment to aircraft manufacturers, subcontractors, and maintenance and modification centers around the world. During the last several years, the company has focused on aggresive growth beyond European borders, bringing its porducts to customers in the Americas, Nothern Africa, the pacifi and now Asia.


Laselec specializes in three main product lines – wire marking, harness assembly and wire stripping….


The MRO 200 handles smaller runs while a line of upgradeable ULYS SL Modena machines is designed for largescale production use. Both can also cut to lenght wires from 6 to 26 gauge….


In 2013, LASELEC unveiled its EasyWiring Digital Harness Layout Board to make assembly easier for technician ….


Avionics News Avionics news

Avionics news Avionics news