RapidShare – Safran Electrical & Power Testimony

Safran Electrical & Power in Villemur, France has taken a new step towards their Factory of the Future with the acquisition of a Laselec RapidShare system. After following a validation period, this automated marking and cutting production line has been adopted by various teams.



Here are some of their testimonies:


This automation is fully in line with Safran Electrical & Power’s Factory of the Future approach. It reduces operator interaction on difficult or low-value-added tasks. This in turn allows for more allocation of time to the high-valued tasks. Reliability and standardization are also improved by increasing consistency standards which translates into trust from our customers. And last but not least, it is allowing us to remain competitive.”

Alain Ferrero, EWIS Eurasia Director of Operations



With the previous machine we changed spools for each new type/gauge. The new machine is pre-loaded. Just select the production files you want to run and the system will feed the proper cables, which limits spool handling. In addition, cables are sorted by electrical reference. Physically, you feel better and you save time!

Mark and Cut Operator



This automation has allowed a threefold increase in productivity compared to conventional methods. Almost all ergonomic risks have been eliminated! It is also an opportunity to increase the skills of production and maintenance teams in the use and maintenance of this type of technology.”

Jérémie Chauvot, head of large production tools – Villemur”