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Laser wire marking

Our mastery of the manufacturing process means that we can guarantee to you:
* High quality equipment at competitive prices
* The highest machine performance on the market
* Low operating costs and reduced maintenance requirements
* Interchangeable laser sub-components
* Upgradeable systems tailored to your needs

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MLC 500 line

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Laser wire stripping

Thanks to our mastery of laser sources LASELEC now offers an alternative to thermal and mechanical strippers, a rapid, precise, and efficient solution which guarantees the integrity of the conductor.

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Interactive cabling

LASELEC has modernized traditional build boards by replacing paper diagrams with a dynamic display of information to guide the entire cabling process throughout the production of a wiring harness.

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Tresseuse et surtresseuse Braido


BRAIDO is the state-of art harness braiding machine. BRAIDO is designed to have the highest braiding quality on the market today. The equipment is controlled by Laselec software that automatically adjusts braiding characteristics, records production traceability and provides intuitive interfacing.

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Laser diode driver

The LYDYA™ laser diode drivers make it possible to control a complete laser system with only one instrument, using only one software interface.

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Customized Solutions

The skills of the R&D team allow LASELEC to provide solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of clients.

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