The MRO CUT offers an automatic solution for cable cutting with advanced traceability functions. Upgradeable, it can always be fitted with a UV laser for marking and identification of cables.


Are you looking for equipment to measure and cut wires/cables without marking?  The MRO Cut system has been developed to provide companies globally with an automatic cut to length solution.

Cutting specifications can be automatically downloaded from production files. In the case of lower production volume, a rework mode is integrated into the software to allow single or short numbers of cable to be cut.

EasyCut software and the different options offered (traceability, label printing, etc.) are entirely compatible with the ULYS SL Modena and MRO 200 series.

MRO CUT has been designed to be easily upgraded to the MRO 200 laser wire marker.

Technical Specifications

  • Capability: cable/wire from gauge 28 to 6.
  • Cable/wire length:  from 4” (150 mm) to 3,000ft (999 m).
  • Compact and ergonomic frame.
  • Aeronautic standards compliant.
  • Multilingual and intuitive software.

Terms of use

The machine is designed to operate with minimal external adjustments.

Under normal operation, user intervention is limited to:

  • Spool Replacement.
  • Feeding the cable through the system.
  • Closing the front cover.
  • Post Processing activity (removing the cable from the coiling pan, affix label as needed, etc.).
  • DataProcessing (download production file or key in production information from rework mode).