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Harness Assembly Goes Digital


Assembly Magazine talks about EasyWiring interactive harness assembly board:


Wiring harnesses for complex assemblies, such as cars or airplanes, can contain hundreds or even thousands of wires. Routing all those wires from connector to connector is fraught with opportunities for error. One mistake can spoil an entire day of work.


The standard “technology” for assembling wire harnesses doesn’t do much to solve the problem. A full-scale 2D drawing of the harness is attached to a piece of plywood.

Assorted clips and nails are then attached to the board at key locations on the drawing, such as ends and breakouts. Assemblers then manually route the wires from one point to the next like a giant game of connect the dots. Work instructions are often little more than a printout of the bill of materials.


To make matters worse, when it’s time to assemble a new harness, the process starts all ver again with a fresh board. The old board—with all its clips, nails and fixtures in place—gets put away until it’s needed again. Flexibility? Not so much.


Over the years, technology companies have introduced a variety of innovative products to address the issues of error-proofing and flexibility in wire harness assembly.(…) The latest is the EasyWiring system from Laselec Inc. The system replaces the traditional plywood board with a large, rugged, high-definition flat-panel display.


Instead of a full-scale printout of the harness design, a digital version is displayed on the screen, along with step-by-step instructions to guide assemblers through the build process. Assemblers build the harness directly on the display, which is protected by an extra layer of glass or polycarbonate. Various commercially available wire-holding accessories, such as retainers, posts and fanning strips, are attached to the display via suction cups that are easily repositioned.


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